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The Lord of Misrule was the master of revelry during the feast of Twelfth Night, the last day of Christmas festivities in merry England. He also had a place in the court on other celebrations. Hi  role was two-fold. In the court of medieval England he was appointed by the king to play the part of a somewhat unruly master of ceremonies of a lively celebration.

The Lord of Misrule was given a very real power in that, all, even the king had to submit to his whims during his reign. The wise Lord of Misrule did not overstep the bounds of his position if he wished to retain the king’s favor. But within those bounds he was king for a day.

The most familiar role the Lord of Misrule played was that of jester. Dressed in his gaudy and elaborate theatrical clothing he held court. He kept his subjects entertained with riddles, pranks and pantomimes. His spontaneous outbursts and lively antics kept his royal audience amused.

Among the commoners, the Lord of Misrule presided over less orderly practices in the streets and sometimes took control of a whole village.

The Lord of Misrule had counterparts in pagan practices in other countries. The Romans gave one official absolute power over feasting and merry-making and early Babylonians honored their goddess by placing a household servant in the role of master during a five day celebration.
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