Pipka Reflections of Christmas Santas

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Explore the richness of the Christmas season through the old world Santa figurines of Pipka Santas. Pipka takes you on a worldwide journey, weaving you in and out of countries, savoring the Christmas celebrations of our heritage. Intricately detailed Santa figurines; each graced with elements of the customs and heritage fitting for that particular design. Pipka thoroughly researches each design, combining historical and cultural elements that make each figurine a beautiful culmination of the theme it portrays. Pipka's loving attention to detail and her delightful creativity are what make these figurine so enchanting and unique.
All figurines are made of cold cast resin.
Pipka Santas Hand Crafted Figurines

Sidecar Santa
Item Sku: 7151208
Sidecar Santa


African American Santa
Item Sku: 11380
African American Santa