House of Fontanini Heirloom Nativities Display Ideas

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Build a striking display with your Fontanini figures, buildings, landscapes, and a little imagination!

Fontanini 5" Scale Watchtower and Grape Harvest Scene

To create this scene, you'll need

• 52594 David, Young Villager with Cape
• 55583 Watchtower
• 52504 Carmi, Vineyard Worker
• 57526 Bethany, Woman with Grapes
• 59538 Grapevine Trellis
• 59527 Grapevine Fences
• 56545 Moss Landscape
• 59536 Albero Tree (pictured with 3 trees)
• Pictured with grape basket accessories that come with Wine Shop
• Sand

The climate and terrain of the Holy Land are perfectly suited to the cultivation of grapes, and the wine produced from its vineyards was highly prized in biblical times.

The grape harvest took place in September and October. When it was time to pick the grapes from the vines, the whole family got involved. Making wine was a joyful time that paired hard work with singing and dancing. Although most grapes were pressed into juice form which wine was made, some were eaten fresh from the vine and others were dried into raisins.
Fontanini 5" Scale Wine Shop Scene

To create this scene, you'll need

• 57526 Bethany, Woman with Grapes
• 55579 Wine Shop
• 56578-1 Fig Tree
• 56539 Stone Landscape