My Little Kitchen Fairies
My Little Kitchen Fairies

Kitchen Fairies are no longer in production, Order Soon, Quantities Limited to Stock on Hand.

Introducing…My Little Kitchen Fairies by G.G.Santiago
"By artist GG Santiago, mischievous Kitchen Fairies figurines add charm and delight to your home or kitchen decor."

Searching for a kitchen to live in as she pleases, It’s through the tiny keyholes that this Little Fairy squeezes. She’ll hide amongst your china, until you turn your back, but be careful of this Little Fairie, for mischief is her knack. She watches pots boil over, distracting you with ease, changing your favorite recipes, if she so does please. This Little Fairie can be sneaky- for when you think she’s gone, you might spot her in the cupboards, early in the dawn. Sometimes napping in your teacups, or wandering to and fro, making it her comfy home, and happy doing so. Your kitchen will be cozy, the true heart of your home, when visited by a fairie, you will never be alone!
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