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Aromatique Candles - A Common Sense Guide To Safe Use

Do Aromatique Candlewicks contain lead?
No, Aromatique candlewicks are lead-free. Aromatique wicks are manufactured in the United States, and only pure zinc-core wicks are used for safe, high-quality performance.

Product Safety: Candles
• Never leave a burning candle unattended.
• Never burn a candle to a point less than 1/2 ince from the candle bottom. DISCONTINUE USE OF THE CANDLE WHEN 1/2 INCH REMAINS. This will prevent damage to furniture and/or possible candle container breakage.
• Extinguishing the candle flame with a candlesnuffer is the preferred method. If a candlesnuffer is not available, extinguish the candle by holding your finger in front of the flame before blowing. This will cause airflow around the finger, extinguishing the candle from both sides, and will prevent hot wax from spattering.
• Keep all flammable items, children and pets away from burning candles.
• It is always best to burn candles in appropriate holders placed on heat resistant surfaces.
• Do not place candles in or around decorative room fragrance, which can easily catch on fire.
• Keep the wax pool free of all wick trimmings, matches or foreign objects that could present a fire hazard.
• Never burn candles in cracked, chipped or scratched containers.
• Do not allow the flame to contact the container's surface directly.
• Place lighted candles at least 3 inches apart from one another.
• Never touch or move any candle or candle container when the wax is liquid.
• Keep candles out of drafts while burning.
• Extinguish candle if it smokes, flickers repeatedly, or flame becomes too high.

Candle Storage, Burning and Clean-up Tips

• Always store candles in a cool, dry and dark area. Hot temperatures and direct sunlight may damage a candle's shape, color and texture.
• Trim a cool wick to 1/4-inch to insure a clean, smoke-free burn.
• Before guests arrive, it is a good idea to light then extinguish the candles. The candles will light quickly and easily later. Allow candles to cool completely before relighting.
• Wax spilled on most washable fabrics may be removed with the following procedures: 1) Remove all excess wax. 2) Pre-treat with a degreaser. 3) Place the soiled area of fabric under hot running water - the hottest water temperature recommended on the care label. OR Place the fabric on a white paper towel with the backside of the fabric facing up. Release the wax with the warmest iron setting recommended on the care label.
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