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Aromatique Candles - Candle Burn Times and Specific Tips For Each Candle Type
The candle burns times listed below may vary with conditions in the home. Drafts, the motion of ceiling fans, and other factors may affect candle burn times.

Candle in Glass

• 5-oz. Approximate burn time: 25 to 30 hours
• Burn candle for as many hours as the container is wide. (Example: burn a 3-inch candle for 3 hours) allowing the wax to liquefy across the top of the candle.

Flared Glass Candle

• 8-oz. candle in flared candle glass. Approximate burn time: 35 to 45 hours

Jar Candles

• Approximate burn times:
     • Oriental style Candle Jar (19-oz.): 70 to 80 hours
     • Square style Candle Jar (16-oz.): 60 to 70 hours
• Turn your empty jar candle into a decorative holder for the home. Once the jar has been thoroughly cleaned and is free of candlewax residue, turn it into a decorative holder. Candle jars are ideal for holding many small household items... use it to hold small sewing items such as pins or buttons... it's ideal for holding small craft supplies or turn it into a lidded candy jar.

Old World Candles

• Approximate burn times:
     • Large Old World (1.1-lb.): 100 to 120 hours
     • Small Old World (15-oz.): 60 to 80 hours
     • Mini Old World (5.3-oz.): 40 to 60 hours

Pillar Candles

• Approximate burn times:
     • Small Pillar, 14-oz., 3-inch diameter: 35 to 40 hours
     • Large Pillar, 1.5-lb., 4-inch diameter: 70 to 80 hours
     • Tall Pillar, 1.3-lb., 6-inch tall: 50 to 75 hours
• Refrigerating candles before burning will slow the burn and allow for a more even burn. Cover with plastic wrap or foil before refrigeration to prevent wicks from absorbing moisture.
• Candles should be placed three inches apart to avoid melting one another.
• To clean a solid candle, use a dab of salad oil and a soft cloth or a piece of nylon.
• When the entire top of the candle is warm, it may be reshaped by gently pressing on the sides and curving the top inward. (Remember to extinguish the candle first!)
• Rotate the candle occasionally to avoid uneven burning from drafts.

Votive Candle

• 2.5-oz. Approximate burn time: 16 to 18 hours
• Keep the wick centered for even consumption of the wax and to prevent possible heat damage to the votive holder.
• If the flame is getting lost in the wax pool, extinguish the flame, pick up the glass with a pot holder or cloth, and carefully pour excess wax into a lined wastebasket or metal container. Relight the candle after it has cooled completely.
• Keep votive wicks centered and trimmed to 1/4-inch to prevent the glass container from breaking.
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