Santa Wood Carvings
Al Longo

Hand Carved Santa Wood Carvings

Santa on Whale
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Santa on Whale

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Al Longo Carvings
by Al Longo

AL started carving Santas in 1989, because his wife wanted one they had seen in a shop. “Honey, I can make you one,” Al said. Well, 14 years and over a thousand Santa carvings later she gets to keep a few of her favorite ones every year. Santas are his favorite subject and each piece is hand carved and painted by Al from his original designs. His own style of carving and finishing make his Santa figurines and other folk art pieces very unique and collectible. AL and his family live on Bull Shoals Lake near Protem, Missouri in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, where Al spends most of his time working in his studio....carving Santas.

About Folk Artist Al Longo
by Al Longo

I started carving in the late eighties when my wife and I saw some Santa carvings at Peter Engler's shop in Branson, Mo. My wife wanted one, I said, "Honey, I can do that" and bought some tools, a good knife and some basswood. Well, a couple thousand or so carvings later, she now gets to keep one or two a year.

I'm basically self taught which I consider an advantage because it has allowed me to develop my own style of folk art carving and finishing. In the beginning it was a slow process, a lot of ugly Santas, but it was worth the effort. I hope to keep growing and expanding to new areas. That's part of the magic of wood carving.

Santas of all shapes and sizes are my favorite subject. The Christmas Season is my favorite time of the year. My style of Santas range from the traditional Ho-Ho-Ho guy to the serious Father Christmas figure, along with my favorite, the Eskimo Santa. I hope they all represent the true meaning of the Holidays, Peace on Earth, Goodwill to all, and Joy to the World.

I also love to carve folk art angels and a few witches for the Halloween season. Animals, Shorebirds, Decoys, Doves and the awesome Crow are also some of the things I'm creating.

There a a few people who have been an inspirational to me, and have helped me grow as an artists and person. I think you know who you are and thanks for all your inspiration and help.