Christmas Treasures

Proudly Made In The USA, Made In America


Nutcrackers, Smokers, Ginger Cottages and Music Boxes Anthony Costanza Wood Carvings Al Longo Wood Carvings
New for 2017
Nutcrackers, Smokers, Ginger Cottages and Music Boxes
Made in the USA by TRC Designs, Inc.
Anthony Costanza Wood Carvings
Original carvings handmade of cedar and “found” wood by Anthony Costanza of Wisconsin
Al Longo Wood Carvings
Santa, Halloween, and Tree Wood Carvings hand carved by Al Longo of Missouri
Aromatique Big Sky Carvers Bear Woodcarvings Big Sky Carvers Wildlife Woodcarvings
Known as the “Creator of Decorative Fragrance”, Aromatique’s candles, diffusers, and decorative potpourri bags are made in Arkansas
Big Sky Carvers Bear Woodcarvings
Carved from fine Western Pine each bear in this collection turns any room into a gallery of nature. Distinctive wood grains are enhanced by a high-quality stain finish so the natural character and authenticity of every piece is ensured to have its own personality. All woodcarvings are proudly made in Big Sky’s Montana workshop.
Big Sky Carvers Wildlife Woodcarvings
Through the passionate work of Big Sky’s family of artists, they proudly share the tradition and skill involved in woodcarving which captures the essence and beauty of nature’s wondrous creatures. All woodcarvings are proudly made in Big Sky’s Montana workshop.
Byers Choice Carolers Byers’ Choice Paper Mache Belsnickles Cranberry Sweets
New for 2017

Byers’ Choice Carolers
Byers’ Choice Carolers are varied and one of a kind pieces, handmade in Pennsylvania.

Byers’ Choice Paper Mache Belsnickles
American-crafted. The Belsnickle is one of the original representations of Santa Claus. History, vision and emotion are incorporated into each and every piece, and that clearly distinguishes this product from mass-produced, imported goods.
Cranberry Sweets
No Artificial Ingredients, No Preservatives, Made in Oregon
Christmas Cards Crosby and Taylor Debbee Thibaults American Collection
Christmas Cards
Delightful Christmas Cards by Mel Vincent and Tom Browning of Oregon, and Old World Christmas, all made in the USA
Crosby and Taylor
Pewter products Hand Made in Eugene, Oregon
Debbee Thibault’s American Collection
Each piece is made of Molded, Hand painted Paper Mache. All items are designed and produced in California, USA
Fudge Fruitcake and Date Nut Cake Greg Guedel Wood Carvings
Delicious world famous fudge created by the Brigittine Monks in Amity, Oregon
Fruitcake and Date Nut Cake
Dark, rich and moist old-style fruitcakes are made with only the finest ingredients by the Trappist Monks of Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey in Lafayette, Oregon
Greg Guedel Wood Carvings
Unique Santas and Halloween wood figures hand carved, painted, and antiqued by Greg Guedel of Indiana
Guyot Arts, LLC Original Wood Carvings Handmade Candy Containers Karl Art Carvings
Guyot Arts, LLC Original Wood Carvings
Delightful hand carved and hand painted basswood Santa carvings crafted by Tom and Gretchen Guyot of Portland, Oregon.
Handmade Candy Containers
Candy containers of fabric, wood, paper, composition, and natural materials, handmade in the USA by Jerry and Carol Smith
Karl -Art Carvings
Limited edition, decorative sculptures and ornaments hand carved by New England sculptor, Karl Neubauer
Ken Lessnau Wood Carvings Lance Long Wood Carvings Larry Roberts Wood Carving
Ken Lessnau Wood Carvings
Colorful and original hand carved and painted by Ken Lessnau of Wisconsin
Lance Long Wood Carvings
Lance Long is a wood carver from South Carolina who has been carving for over 17 years.
Larry Roberts Wood Carving
Santa wood carvings that are individually and painstakingly carved and painted by Larry Roberts of Oregon
Lefevers World of Sinterklaas Les Ramsay Wood Carvings Marcia Berkall Whittlins n Wood
Lefever’s World of Sinterklaas
Signed and numbered Limited Edition Chalkware Santas handmade in Molalla, Oregon by Ila Lefever
Les Ramsay Wood Carvings
Hand Carved and painted Santa wood carvings by Les Ramsey of Pennsylvania
Marcia Berkall Whittlins ‘n Wood
Wood Carving and Wood Sculpture by Marcia Berkall of Maine
R.J McDonald Artwork Snow Machine Spin Shades
R.J McDonald Artwork
R. J. McDonald is one of the nation’s leading Santa Artist.
Snow Machine
The Snowing Machine will give the appearance that “it’s actually snowing!”
Spin Shades
Revolving decorative lampshades made in the USA. (Please note, nightlight bases and components are NOT made in the USA, only the shades themselves)
Vaillancourt Folk Art Wee Forest Folk Snow Cottage Wood Carvings
New for 2017
Vaillancourt Folk Art
One of America’s last remaining Christmas ornament and collectibles makers, Vaillancourt chalkware figures are made by hand at the VFA studio in Sutton, Massachusettes.
Wee Forest Folk
Wee Forest Folk is a small family business which delights in an entirely handcrafted line of miniatures, most of which are mice, in Carlisle, Massachusetts. Each miniature sculpture is a casting of an original piece sculpted from clay. Meticulous hand-painting brings each sculpture to life and enhances each little personality.
New for 2017
Snow Cottage Wood Carvings
Hand Carved Santas made in Canada, North America by talented wood carver Dave Francis